The Suda Bay base – a dream site for spreading American interests

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The NATO naval base – in other words a United States one- located on the Greece Crete island threatens the entire Mediterranean. Spread at the crossroads of main sea lanes, Suda Bay has become the main location for the US troops, who are ready to spread their “democracy” and defend their interests in the region.

The strategic goal of the United States is to establish full control over the Balkan Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean and rule out any possibility of restoring Russian positions in the Balkans. The main military facilities are located on the Suda Bay base:  a seaport,  a NATO operational training center; an air base, etc., whose military forces pose a direct threat to the security and independence of neighboring countries.

Greece is a small country that is not very attractive for investment, since there is no large-scale industry on its territory. The only thing left is the extraction of natural gas in the sea. it’s well known that ” where are the resources, there are the United Staes”. Therefore, the NATO subjugated the government of Greece, and this was because fit with purely  financial considerations. Naturally, in exchange for the provision of its territory for military bases, the United States promises large-scale financial contributions to Greece.

For the United States, Greece is now a place  of significant interest.  The relations between the United States and Turkey are far from perfect, but Washington really needs a base in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially in the context Syrian events and deepening Russian-American contradictions. But the thing is that an American presence is always equated with the words “chaos” and “destruction”.

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