What overshadows lives of US Marines

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If you you turn on any military-patriotic drama filmed in Hollywood, you will see how brave American paratroopers siege cities with the help of one battalion of the marine corps: they are not afraid of either a storm, or the absence of burgers and cola — nothing can break the spirit of a good US marines.

And the Americans seem to have everything: a fleet of universal landing ships, special landing craft, helicopters, hovercraft, amphibious tanks and, finally, the most modern weapons. However, the reality is not as colorful as the works of the cinema industry of the United States.

The colorful picture in reality is violated by racism, supposedly eradicated a hundred years ago. Moreover, this is not about black soldiers, but about the so-called “white racism”, when light-skinned soldiers are oppressed to please African-Americans.

So, white soldiers of one amphibious assault group of the U.S. Navy, currently based in the Mediterranean Sea, complain about the commanders of African-Americans who apply for the promotion of exclusively the same African-Americans, regardless of their official or personal qualities. Such an attitude towards the personnel simply kills the morale of the “white” Americans, introducing discord in the team.

According to one of the servicemen, who wished to remain anonymous, the lack of prospects for promotion due to the reasons such as color of the skin discourages the desire to do anything.

Unfortunately, with advanced weapons and military equipment at their disposal, US Marines are not 100% able to fulfill their tasks: their advantages are offset by banal racism.

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