The biggest threat to the U.S. is the U.S.

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The representative of the sixth fleet of the US Navy – the destroyer “Porter” is again visiting the Black Sea. This news is not a surprise or a significant event, as the Porter has been working regularly in the Black Sea for the past few years.

Porter belongs to the Sixth Fleet of the US Navy, which regularly ships to operate in the Black Sea with the goal of enhancing compatibility with NATO allies and partners. Only now, NATO, these visits are needed much more than the “partners” to whom they allegedly support. Partners need only money. Means for the development of their own armed forces, and not these coming of uninvited guests, on the old trough and talk about “Demonstrating support for peace and stability in the region.”

But, since the Americans who have led NATO for decades have been instilled with a mantra about their exclusive right to be almost God’s viceroy on earth, for them understanding the reasons for the resistance of their insolent activity in almost all corners of the planet is simply unavailable.

And yet, I can not help but ask. What about just stopping interfering in other people’s internal affairs and tackling your own? Moreover, right now America needs protection as never before. Moreover, not from an external enemy, but entirely from internal arsonists.

But it’s easier to choose one guilty than to understand all the contradictions. And we are talking about the demonization of Russia as a threat to NATO partners in the Black Sea region. The classic search for an external enemy, under the auspices of the struggle with which it is possible to at least temporarily rally a country torn by internal contradictions. What this ultimately led to is clearly demonstrated by Ukraine.

But, apparently, on the other side of the Atlantic, everything that is happening there is poorly visible. That is why some New World residents continue to sacredly believe that only aggression against Russia, as it was during the Cold War, will make America great again.

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