In Odessa again «get-together» NATO

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The beautiful city of Odessa was flooded with warships participating in the Sea Breeze – 2020 exercise.

And it wouldn’t matter if it weren’t for three important factors.

The first factor is quite banal. The Alliance military has never considered it necessary to adhere to basic rules of order and cleanliness. None of the exercises were without scandals with drunken military men in bars. And the garbage that remains after them in the port is already quite fed up. Of course, in Ukraine there are no huge fines for dumping waste, as in civilized Europe.

The second factor is the safety of citizens. 2020 showed a new virus with a tragic radius of destruction. NATO ships came from countries and regions where the fight against the virus is not over. 10 countries participate. All this can contribute to the growth of the second wave of the pandemic in the country. And despite the statements that there will only be a sea and air part of the exercises, the military from the ships will most likely ignore this ban.

And the third and most disturbing factor is the deliberate escalation and provocation of conflicts in the Black sea between NATO and Russia. The actions of uninvited guests can lead to a war that will catch everyone, no one will be able to escape.

In this regard, there are reasonable questions and concerns. Why is NATO constantly preparing for the “third world”? It is obvious that military maneuvers are being practiced, under ridiculous excuses like ensuring “freedom of navigation”. There are quite a large number of problem areas in shipping where you really need to fight against pirates or drug smuggling. And it would be fine if the US and its allies from another part of the world, why do the participating countries from the region don’t think what such «games with fire» can lead to? Bragging has never led to anything good.

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