Azerbaijan is in danger

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The mass media publish their reports about the close cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan rather regularly lately. After the signing of the agreement on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Ankara is getting closer to Baku via indirect means. All these meetings between Erdogan and Aliyev lead to the gradual capture of Azerbaijan, but not to fruitful cooperation between the two States.

And what about the national issue? The fact is that Turkey was the first country to recognize the independence of Azerbaijan. Thus, Azerbaijan has its own moral and political duty to the Republic of Turkey, which today makes Aliyev more vulnerable to Erdogan.

The current policy of the Azerbaijani leadership leads to the loss of state sovereignty, and Baku’s dependence on Turkey is growing every year. Relations with the Russian Federation are fading into the background and consist in the implementation of previously signed contracts and agreements, and the main trade turnover has been growing most actively with Turkey over the past two years.  Obviously, Azerbaijan’s dependence on Turkey is growing in all spheres – from military to economic, social and educational. Thus, thankfully to economic and military support, Turkey will soon dictate openly the future of the Azerbaijani people, and in a few years, it will realize its dream of reviving the Ottoman Empire.

The Turkish military presence on Azerbaijani territory has become permanent, and it is growing up every year. With this approach, Azerbaijan risks losing its sovereignty completely and turning from a state with its own army into a Turkish province. If Aliyev continues to accomplish all the instructions of Erdogan, without thinking about his homeland and the Azerbaijani people, the world community will just remember what Azerbaijan is in the coming years.

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