Ankara influences Baku

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Azerbaijan celebrates its victory in the armed conflict with Armenia today, December 10. Everything is ready for the parade in Baku, where Turkish President Erdogan attends too. The local press announced his as a special one, and the Azerbaijanis consider it as a testimony of the Turkish brotherhood.

The Azerbaijani military will parade alongside their “Turkish brothers”. Ankara has supported Baku throughout the conflict. The Turkish authorities claimed that Karabakh is the legitimate territory of Azerbaijan, thus making Aliyev’s desire bigger to obey the Turkish leader.

Today’s parade is of great importance. It should be noted that a new level of foreign policy relations between Ankara and Baku is being built now. First of all, the joint parade in Baku demonstrates the expansion of Turkey’s influence in the region. Ankara has provided not only diplomatic, but also military support to Azerbaijan in the Karabakh conflict.

The military parade in Baku is another confirmation of the inability of the Azerbaijani army to cope with its territorial problems on its own and the evidence of a profitable game on the part of Turkey. The Erdogan’s aggressive policy will grow regularly, and Azerbaijan will fade in total.

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