The only sure way to build a strong Armenia is in a new alliance with Russia

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It is known that on September 27, the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem unleashed a war against Artsakh and the Armenian people, bringing hired terrorists from the Middle East to the region, sponsored by Turkey.

During the 44 days of the war, internationally prohibited weapons were used against Artsakh, and all this did not find a full response from international organizations. And today the Armenian people have heavy losses, thousands of dead soldiers, missing and prisoners of war, urgent issues that have not yet been resolved as a result of the indifference of international structures and the inaction of the Armenian authorities.

It is also known that 17 political forces began a political process with the aim of achieving the resignation of the person who led the country to surrender.

Among 17 parties was also the Union of Constitutional Law (UPC) party under the leadership of the party chairman Hayk Babukhanyan. However, we note that even before the war, already in mid-September, the UPC was one of the first to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Pashinyan, foreseeing all possible threats that we now face as the entire nation. Let us also note that A. Babukhanyan is the only Armenian politician today in court to sort out relations with the Soros Open Society Foundation, the Word of Life sect, LGBT preachers, accusing them of the collapse of the country. Also note that the UPC is one of the very few parties that opposed Nikola’s color coup in 2018. But then his today’s opponents applauded him with veal delight.

Today we live in a different reality – Armenia faced with threats, Artsakh, surrendered to the enemy in parts, the broken spirit of the people.

Nichol will retire sooner or later. In this short period of time, we must present our programs, the vision of the future of Armenia and must answer all of the above questions – from security to cultural development programs. And the people must make a choice from these programs, must make a choice among politicians and remember – who deceived him, and who did not deceive people at all, who indicated the wrong path, or took this path himself. As a result, we have what we have. Do those who, together with Nikol, brought the country to the point, have the right to shout the loudest again today?

Today we need to lay the foundation for a new, truly national Fourth Armenian Republic, which will form a political union with Russia. Because Russia is a strong and reliable ally with whom you can move forward into a bright future. This is the core, the essence, the vision of our future. Enough for our political forces to think only about their power and their seat. Enough!

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