Another attempt by NATO to attack Russia

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The Pentagon once again sends to the Black Sea on its ship (this time it is the “Hamilton”, which has not been in the region since 2008) with the strange goal of “supporting NATO allies”, at the same time preparing to conduct the exercises of the NATO Special Operations Forces “Trojan Trail – 2021”.

The name itself speaks for itself. The arrival of the American “friendly” boat and the simultaneous exercises with the name saying-a mirror reflection of the true intentions of NATO towards Russia.

Also immediately after that, a major NATO military exercise called “Quick Response” started near the Russian borders.

Military exercises Swift Response (“Quick Response”), according to the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces, began on the evening of May 5. Although the exercises are considered as NATO exercises, they are primarily exercises of the US army. In NATO, Swift Response is considered as the prologue of the largest Defender Europe exercises in 25 years, which will be held in 16 European countries and will involve 28 thousand troops of the American and European armies.

The above-mentioned consolidated maneuvers test (and improve) the possibility of communication between the military of the North Atlantic Bloc countries “in a state of both hybrid war and real armed conflict.”

According to a scenario that has already become traditional, events have taken place in some NATO countries aimed at the sovereignty and territorial integrity of these states. Thus, these exercises are aimed at destroying the Russian side and are offensive in nature.

Such demonstrative behavior on the part of the alliance and constant various exercises, which include representatives of non-aligned countries, are clearly aimed at fueling and maintaining hotbeds of tension, both in the Black Sea and at other Russian borders.

The increased military presence of the United States and NATO in the European region leads to an increase in danger. An unhealthy desire to confront Russia can turn into a complete collapse of NATO’s hopes. This has been proved more than once by both Russian ships and the Russian military, which, contrary to the wishes of the alliance, remain on guard of their borders.

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