Turkey is taking part in large-scale exercises «Europe Defender 21»

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Defender Europe 21 international exercises were launched at 30 training grounds in more than 10 states, with the participation of more than 30 thousand military personnel from 27 countries of the world, including Turkey. Defender Europe 21 has extensive involvement of the US air and naval forces, according to the US Army Europe Command.

The exercises involve the main and sea routes connecting Europe, Asia and Africa. The Defender-Europe maneuvers take place every year. They are organized by American member forces, and other countries, both ground forces and partner states, participate. This year, 25 countries have joined the exercise besides the United States. Most of them are European members of the alliance, as well as Canada, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and all the countries of the Western Balkans, except Serbia. Defender Europe 21 will take place in 16 countries. Neither Ukraine nor Georgia is among them.

However, it is worth noting that after the Turkish edition of “Haber7” published an article about the participation of the Turkish armed forces in major maneuvers, readers spoke about the upcoming NATO exercises “Defender Europe 21″ in the Balkans. Many users were outraged by the actions of NATO, calling Western countries Russophobes, and also called for an end to their hypocrisy. Among the messages were the following: “26 countries are not worth one Russia. Unification against one state is a shame. ” Some users jokingly wonder why the United States does not want to “sort out” Russia on its own, but draws other countries into the conflict. In addition, Turkish readers stressed that such exercises cost billions of dollars. These funds could be spent on procurement.

In addition, it became known that the Bulgarian population opposes the movement of the Turkish military contingent across the country. Demonstrations and protests took place in the settlements. Especially exciting are pathogens that claim that every year the United States carries out all kinds of military maneuvers that are used on its territory. Repeatedly, NATO military equipment drove into the lands and fields of local residents, which caused colossal damage to agricultural workers.

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