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In Europe, the NATO exercise Defender Europe 2021 continues which is divided into smaller exercises and is held in member countries. Before their launch, thousands of American troops and hundreds of pieces of equipment were transferred to Europe. Such large-scale exercises of the Alliance are frankly provocative. Their goal is to shift the military infrastructure of the bloc to the borders of Russia and test it, so the maneuvers cannot be called defensive. They are offensive in nature, directed against the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the transfer of troops and equipment leads to the fact that in Bulgaria and Romania, countries that have a strategically important position due to access to the Black Sea, multinational groups of corps-level troops are being formed, which does not correspond to the stated thesis about the defensive nature of the exercises.

Recently, members of the NATO Rapid Reaction Corps (HQARRC) just arrived in Romania to participate in the maneuvers of the Defender Europe 2021. The role of these structures is to coordinate NATO forces. How easily the Alliance can move from defense to attack and how widely it interprets its defense, for example, the non-existing Yugoslavia or Libya, which is teetering on the brink of existence after the air raids of NATO countries.

The whole history of NATO is a story of deception. Even when the Washington treaty on the creation of NATO was signed in 1949, it clearly stated the area of responsibility of the alliance – this is the North Atlantic, nothing else. The second deception occurred on the way out of the Cold War, when the alliance made vows not to expand. We know that both the territory and the quantitative composition of the alliance have increased by about a third over this period, this is an approach close to the Russian borders.

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