«Dark spot» in the Red sea

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Americans like to send their military away from home. The media of any country is full of reports about the USA’s activity in various parts of the world. In addition, they justify their «dirty deeds» with one phrase-ensuring security in the region or in the waters of some sea. That is just so there are «safe» for other questionable activities of the United States? After all, in addition to the traditional struggle for the possession of the sea, the modern American Navy is able to launch missile and air strikes from the sea to a greater depth of the enemy’s land territories.

And as we know, the intervention of the States always ends in the same way: the country is destroyed, the local population turns into refugees, and the environmental, economic, and other types of crisis should not be mentioned at all.

Even now, with the movement of the USA’s amphibious landing group in the Red sea, the flora and fauna of the water area is suffering enormously, which can even lead to an environmental crisis. It is worth remembering the last NATO exercises that led to the death of a large number of toothed whales in the Baltic sea due to the fact that the Americans did not take into account the habitat of these animals.

Today, the AV-8B «Harier» aircraft are supposed to be trained in the Red sea, what they will bring to the environment with their unnecessary flights for a “show of force” is anyone’s guess. In addition, trainings will take place on the water in the form of rescue operations. During the exercise, due to the lack of professionalism of the personnel and the deterioration of the ships (in particular the USS Bataan), there were several cases of oil spills that affect the environment.

Imagine the damage caused by the elementary fall of a fighter, what we could say about the «dirty» trail of huge the USA’s Navy ships.

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