Romanian “Maidan”: a trap for Turkey

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The events in Romania in 2018, venerable commentators in Russia and the West routinely comment as follows: they say that mass protest actions in this country arose completely spontaneously and were caused solely by internal reasons-first of all, corruption in local authorities.

It seems that we are all doomed to listen to this broken record for a very long time. Another “color revolution”, another “Maidan”. How many have there been? How much longer?

As a result of the victory of the Romanian “Maidan”, a geostrategic “trap” closes around Turkey-it seems to be small, “not in size” of this state, which, in addition, today has such powerful powers as Russia and Iran as allies-but in fact it is extremely dangerous.

So much has been said about the Kurdish-Turkish conflict that there is no point in repeating it here. It should only be noted that the United States has been actively using the Kurdish factor in recent years to control the situation in the middle East, and actually supported the attempted military coup in July 2016 aimed at Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

Against this background, Romania looks like the last (or perhaps the penultimate, if Azerbaijan is also involved) part of the puzzle — from the Black sea. The probability of anti-Turkish provocations on land, in the air and at sea increases exponentially, and they can turn into an economic blockade of Turkey by the “collective West” according to the “Hailey-like” mechanism used against Russia in the “Skripal case”.

In General, observing this picture, we can conclude that our Western “partners” are already in full swing “on susekam broom, on barns scratched”, using in their fight against Russia everything they can reach. In fact, they were “pre-war” with us already “before the Romanians”: the West has fewer and fewer levers of pressure on Moscow. This means that the turning point in this undeclared hybrid war is already very close.

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