Maneuvers in honor of uninvited guests

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As the COVID-19 continues its March around the world, so the restless American destroyer USS “Porter” continues to loiter in the Black sea, about which his superiors had clearly forgotten.

It is not known for what real purposes Washington sent this destroyer to the Black sea, but it is obvious that this time this visit was clearly inappropriate and definitely not for “interaction with partner countries in the region to ensure Maritime security”.

Anyway, all us Navy visits to the Black sea are inappropriate. Although, this time the destroyer was particularly unlucky. For just after he left his native shores and passed the Bosphorus Strait, the head of the joint chiefs of staff of the US armed forces, general Mark Milley, said that all Navy ships are being put under a 14-day quarantine in connection with the spread of COVID-19 among US military personnel.

Poor «Porter».  He left his native coast and «friends» won’t let in anymore. And they are right. No one knows what kind of infection may be found on Board. After all, the world has already been convinced by the example of another American ship, the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, that the COVID-19 doesn’t spare anyone, even Americans.

And that the destroyer wouldn’t be bored in quarantine, the old friends of the «Porter’s», the frigate “Admiral Essen” and the small rocket ship “Orekhovo-Zuyevo” Russian Navy played out a scenario to repel a missile attack of a conditional enemy.

However, the american audience, apparently, didn’t appreciate this performance. After all, only one of the parties knows which enemy it is hitting, conditionally or for real. The main thing is that he doesn’t begin to complain to his curators that Russia threatens and scares him to death, otherwise he will run away. Such precedents have already been.

Yes, and in the Black Sea it will still come in handy, the Russian Navy will be on whom to practice their skills.

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