Black sea: U.S. Navy and NATO are playing a dangerous game

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After passing the Bosphorus Strait, the French reconnaissance ship A-759 Dupuy de Lome (“Dupuy de Lome”) entered the Black sea. It happened on the evening of September 6. NATO representatives are making more and more visits to the Black Sea, saying that they are ready to openly confront Russia in the vicinity of its borders.

To those can safely be attributed to the visit to the Black sea from three U.S. Navy ships, which are armed with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” and anti-missile defense system “aegis”. One of them is the destroyer “Winston Churchill”, which before the visit to Ukraine by us Deputy Secretary of state Stephen Bigan planned to go to the Persian Gulf. He is accompanied by the same destroyer ” Roosevelt “and the recently entered the waters of the cruiser”phillipine sea”.

Of course, everyone has long been accustomed to NATO arrogance and brusqueness. It would seem that where are the USA and France, and where is the Black sea? However, Washington, with the support of its European partners, not only continues to believe that its role as a global hegemon is beyond doubt, but also tears to shreds all the few international treaties and agreements that have in any way limited NATO’s ambitions.

Seeing this attitude and eagerly listening to all the statements of admirals and officers of the leading States of the North Atlantic Alliance, the military and political leadership of countries such as Ukraine or Georgia gain confidence, straighten their shoulders and start talking all sorts of nonsense. It is not necessary to go far for examples – the same commander of the Navy, Admiral Neizhpapa, expressed readiness to use future Neptune missile systems, which will appear in 2021 on ships of the black sea fleet.

The support of the Alliance in the form of NATO ships, which come in an endless stream, replacing each other, into The black sea, adds to the confidence of statements and a sense of impunity for provocations.

At the moment, the laurels of the main “deterrent” have been tried on by the US Navy destroyer “Porter”. Of course, this is a serious ship with cruise missiles on Board, but since its appearance in the Black sea, it is already in the sights…

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