Soros’s Agent in the Government of Armenia

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People from organizations funded by George Soros operate in various spheres. They always aim at intervention and control over the internal Affairs of the country using the fight against corruption, promotion of democracy, protection of the rights of the sick, transgender, women and children as a cover.

Vardan Astsatryan is one of Soros’s subordinate. His biography before the acquaintance with the leader of “color revolutions” was quite ordinary: quite unremarkable: after graduating from the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, he worked as an engineer for 6 years. After that, Astsatryan became responsible for the information Department of the newspaper “Ankakhutyun”, which belongs to the Soros party “Union of national self-determination”. His career ladder went up then. Four years ago, the former engineer was appointed as a Chairperson of the above-mentioned party. After that he became the editor of another pro-american publication “Lragir”. Currently, he is the head of the Department for national minorities and religion of the Republic of Armenia.

Most notably, all Soros organizations and their henchmen in Armenia get a fast career growth, and Astsatryan is no exception. The Department he heads is not by chance: religious Affairs and the protection of national minorities are a classic cover used by the Soros foundations.

A fruitful result of the activities of such pro-american agents is immediate: as a result of the velvet revolution, another Soros’s agent Pashinyan, became the Prime Minister of Armenia!

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