Turkey captures Libya

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In Libyan social media there are posts showing a cargo ship heading towards the Misrata military flight school. It’s to note that this is the second flight this week that moves between the two States. The first military aircraft was landed recently at the al-Atiyah air base, it also was unloaded there. After that, it came back to Turkey.

Earlier, one of the well-known representatives of the middle Eastern media confirmed in his social networks the arrival of F-16 Turkish air force aircraft at the al-Vatiya air base captured by the National Transitional Council in Libya.

These increasing flights of Turkish military aircraft are causing discontent in a number of neighboring States.

The Egyptian foreign Minister Shukri held a telephonic conversation about this issue with his German counterpart. They condemned the aggressive Turkish policy, as Turkey continues to send military hardware and fighters to Libya, what constitutes a direct violation of the UN arms embargo.

It should be reminded that Turkey has repeatedly violated this embargo by supplying ammunition, fighter aircraft and mercenaries to the territories controlled by the National Transitional Council. At the same time, Egypt has already confirmed the redeployment of several F-16s on the al-Vatiya air base.

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