Curiosity killed a cat

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NATO ships regularly plow the expanses of the Black Sea, then they will come to the exercises, then just on a visit to one of the Black Sea ports. The alliance justifies its visits by helping its allies in the fight against Russian “aggression”, which is not visible, but according to the West it is. However, the United States and NATO are conducting provocative activities not only in the airspace, but also in the Black Sea.

If you dig deeper, you can see that NATO has increased the intensity of not only naval forces, but also strategic aviation, as well as air and sea intelligence. No one counts the flights of reconnaissance aircraft, but they have obviously increased several times.

The intensity of the Alliance’s exercises has also increased. In Brussels, they never tire of repeating that all these training shootings in Estonia, landing in Bulgaria and maneuvers in Hungary are not directed against Russia, this is about the same as in Romania and Poland, the radar and missiles of the American missile defense system are not directed against Russia.

However, Moscow can and does everything to «stun» or «blind» the USA’ s equipment. EW means make not only the reconnaissance equipment inoperable, but also bring down the settings of the navigation systems of ships, as a result of which they show false coordinates, and the crews are disoriented. That is why now they try not to come close, realizing that they are “under the gun”.

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